Working Out


WEIGHTSI’ve seen plenty of terrific workout pictures, but I’ve always found shooting in a gym to be quite challenging. For this photo, I had to light both the model and the equipment and control the ambient lighting in the gym in order to create a series of pictures to be used in a brochure.

First I met with the client to discuss the areas that she wanted to include; then we had to arrange for models. Because the gym clients were attractive and excited to participate, we were able to enlist their help for a small fee and an 8×10 copy of any photos they appeared in.

For this shot, I used a Nikon D810 with lighting from Balcar 3200 WS Powerpaks. One light covered the model and put the highlight on the floor; two additional lights in medium-sized soft boxes were used to illuminate the equipment.

This one shot took about one and a half hours to set up, test and shoot. The entire shoot took two days.


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