Healthcare Worker w/Patient


home-heath-care-clientOne of the benefits of making a living as a commercial photographer is the variety of subjects one gets to shoot.

I did this photograph for a local home health care company. The idea was to show how completely relaxed the little girl is with the health care professional, and how the girl’s mother felt happy with the worker’s approach and bedside manner; facial expressions were critical for the success of the image.

The client and his art director were both on the set. My assistant and I set up the shot and tethered the camera to a computer so that the client and his art director (who were both on set) could have instant visual feedback.

Before bringing in the talent (who were an actual patient, her mother and a real home health care worker) we worked through all the lighting and composition variables. By planning out all the shots I want to capture in advanced I can concentrate fully on the expressions of the models once we have them in place.

Three lights were used: one to provide the overall ambience, one for the mother and one for the nurse and patient in the foreground. The shoot took about three hours: two and a half hours of prep and setup and 30 minutes of actual shooting time.



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