Rose of Gio’s Villa Brownsville


Portrait of Rose, Operator of Gio's Villa Brownsville, TX

Meet Rose Jordan. She operates Gio’s Villa of Brownsville, one of Texas’s oldest and most dearly loved family-owned restaurants.

If you follow this blog you have probably picked up on the fact that I love making portraits of real people in their natural environment.

A great portrait doesn’t always have to employ a bunch of equipment or demand a lot of digital manipulation. I’m not one of these rabid souls that argues digital is everything and film is nothing — after all, many of the world’s greatest images were captured on film.

I photographed Rose inside Gio’s Villa, using a Sinar P2 – 4X5 view camera and Kodak TMax 100 B&W film. I set the overall exposure for the ambient light in the room, then placed a large soft box light off to the left to give form to Rose’s face and body.

For me it’s what feels right. If you are a painter you choose the brush and medium that will allow you to achieve the look you want. Photographer’s should do the same. Some subjects just beg to be photographed on film.



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