Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio


Texas-state-senator-eddie-lucio-800I moved from Michigan to Brownsville, TX in 1983 — right around the time Eddie Lucio began his political career.

We met accidentally on the city golf course, where I was enjoying time with my father-in-law. Eddie was campaigning for his first run at the Texas State Senate and came over to us and just started talking. Not about politics or why we should vote for him, but about what a good day it was for golf. He was an excellent golfer and he even volunteered to give us some pointers. I remember being so impressed with his friendliness and being a regular down-to-earth person. He is one of those people who make you feel like you are the only one in the room when he is talking with.

As time went on we crossed paths many times and he was always interested in me and my business. He even made an unexpected trip from Austin (350 Miles from Brownsville) to the grand opening of my second studio.

On one of our chance meetings I suggested we do a portrait of him in the Senate chambers in Austin. He liked the idea and had his staff help with arranging everything — even lugging and setting up tons of equipment. All the security people knew I was coming and they gave me the royal treatment.

This was the final picture we came up with — I love it and so does he. He has a 30×40 inch on canvas hanging in his Senate office. I like doing portraits of people in their natural environments.


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