Corncrib copy

Photographing horizontal lines is extremely difficult. And it is especially difficult when you are trying to keep everything straight and vertical. Even if your camera is perfectly level, you may not be completely perpendicular to the subject which will make the horizontal lines look like they’re running up and down.

So how do you solve this? Here is my four-step approach to getting it right.

  1. Choose your camera position. Try to point the lens perfectly perpendicular to the subject by eye.
  1. Whip out your trusty level and make sure the camera is perfectly level in all directions.
  1. Look through the viewfinder and check to see if the horizontal and vertical lines are still horizontal and vertical.
  1. If the lines aren’t vertical and horizontal anymore, slowly turn the camera left and right while looking through the viewfinder until the lines become straight.  You may have to move the camera position left or right to re frame the scene.

Don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work all at once. It takes a little practice.



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