Lily Pond


Lilly PondIn 1985, my wife Cheryl and daughter Natalie took the only vacation we have ever had as a family. I was such a workaholic back then that I just couldn’t break away from the studio. As I look back over the years of lost time together as a family, tears come to my eyes. I hope none of you make my mistake.

On that vacation we went to Disney world in Orlando, Florida. It was really a blessed week. We saw everything and did everything. We were like people who had been starving for years and finally now had all the food they wanted.

Of course I had a camera with me, and as we were walking around the gardens in Disney World I spied this little lily pond. It was so peaceful and serene It made me think of a Japanese garden. It is one of my favorite photographs from our trip.

It’s interesting to me that my eye was drawn to a slice of natural beauty amidst all the synthetic attractions.  I’ve always loved photographing the natural world and have incorporated some of my photos into my fine art photography offerings.


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