When you live and work in a small town you have to have a lot of skills. Unlike a big city where you can specialize, in a small town you have to be able to photograph many different subjects.

Here in South Texas, one of the favorite foods is Fajitas, both chicken and beef. If you haven’t ever had any you don’t know what you’re missing. They are fantastic.

When creating a photograph of food for advertising you need to be able to make the end image look so good that the viewer can smell the aroma and taste the wonderful flavor.

Special cooking techniques are employed by a “food Stylist” to make the dish look so appetizing. Then, the photographer uses camera angle, composition, and lighting to finish it off. A common misconception among lay people is that substitutes are used for the real thing. This is not true FDA laws prohibit this practice. Whatever is being sold must be the real thing in the photograph.

Many times I see TV commercials for restaurants and photographs of the dishes they offer that obviously haven’t been professionally presented. I wonder how much these unappetizing images are costing in missed sales. The next time you need a photograph of food to promote your business, do yourself a huge favor. Don’t send an employee out with their iPhone or hire your brother-in-law who just got a new digi-matic camera. Hire someone who has a track record of knowing how to make mouth-watering photographs of food.

Hmmmm – I think I’ll have some for lunch.


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