Welcome to Boca Chica Beach


Welcome to Boca Chica Beach

One of the main streets of Brownsville is Boca Chica Blvd. (small mouth). Going West out of town it turns into Hwy 281 or Military Hwy. If you follow it East out of town for about 25 miles you will drive right into the Gulf of Mexico. There are now barriers or warnings, so if you are asleep at the wheel into the Gulf you go.

It’s a rather melancholy drive. There’s nothing but open fields of tall grass and a lot of scrubby trees. However, at one point you do drive past Palmetto Hill. Now it’s just a huge pasture land, but in 1865 it was the site of the last battle of the Civil war, fought several months after General Lee surrendered and the war was over. The South won a solid victory killing around 20 Union soldiers, losing the war but winning the last battle.

Just before you reach the water you come across what I suspect was an old gas station and convenience store with this welcoming fellow out front. It’s just sort of out here by itself, completely isolated with nothing else around it. I guess that’s why it’s closed up now, and has been for many years.

Every time I saw it I would get curious and want to discover what it was like out here when this little outpost was in full swing. I can just envision people stopping in to fill up their gas tanks for the return trip to Brownsville, buying water and other supplies for their day at the beach.


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