Brick Wall


Brick Wall

People ask me: “Why do you take a certain photograph?”

The answer to that question determines the difference between what makes one an artist as opposed to just someone with a camera.

When I choose a subject it means that I am mentally or spiritually moved by the scene or object in front of me; enough so to want to capture it, and then further enhance in order for it to be reminiscent of the feelings it conjured.

The real art in photography lies in what happens after the image has been captured. You see, very little can be accomplished with the camera alone. The true skill of the artist is brought out in the remaking of the image: making the image you see in your own mind come to life on paper, thus, enabling you to share your feelings and vision with others.

In the case of this image there were a couple of elements that drove me to want to capture it.

This is a wall of an old grain processing company in the small town of Ithaca, MI, where I grew up. I remember that when I was a boy this company always being teeming with activity: farmers bringing their grain at harvesting to be processed before shipping to the buyer. A huge contrast to today as it now sits mostly empty and uncared for. There is a certain nostalgia of a bygone era.

I love the texture of the bricks and the tin roof. You can clearly make out two completely different types of brick work. I find this construction to be very interesting.

Check out my Nostalgia Collection to see more photos.


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