Allergy Season


GP0000P 0097

I was hired by a health magazine to illustrate the cover of their edition on allergies. I got to work with a beautiful young model who had a wonderful personality, and lots of spirit. Unfortunately, our view of her beauty was supremely impeded by the surgical mask she wore and the sunflowers in the field she was standing in.

It was another early morning, but the wonderful shots we got made it worth the early wake up call. The allergy issue wound up being a big success.

This photograph looks simple but in my many years of creating advertising images, fine art, and architectural images I’ve learned that if you want a great image you’re going to have to put in a lot of work. This particular photograph required a rather lengthy location scouting process: finding the field of sunflowers, followed by a day of testing to determine the best time for the shot. Also, quite a bit of auxiliary lighting equipment was used to balance the sunlight and make everything look great.

It is so important for clients to look at portfolios and have in-depth conversations about a photographer’s capabilities before hiring him/her. Today the tendency is for a photographer to show up with a camera and one lens and wing it. 99% of the time that just won’t cut it.


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