Houston Night Skyline


Houston Night Skyline

I really love this photograph of the Houston skyline at night. I had been commissioned to create a series of images of a beautiful high-rise luxury apartment complex: “The Mosaic”, for the contractor JE Dunn. I had finished the project but was still looking for more interesting images. I ventured up to the 34th floor and stepped out onto one of the balconies. Wow! What a view! What you see here is what I saw. The sun had already set but there was still quite a bit of light in the sky. In fact, there was too much light. I started shooting and followed the light all the way as it slowly got darker, getting just the perfect proportion between light in the sky and the artificial lights of the city and traffic below. The overall blue color is natural effect. A result of getting it “just right”.

One of the big things about getting a perfect photograph is waiting for things to be “just right”. Too many don’t have enough patience. They just snap a picture hoping it will turn out right. Generally, that never works. You have to start out with a vision of what you want, then use every tool in your kit to bring it forth.

Check out my Houston Collection of fine art photography.


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